Meedius International is a modern provider of comprehensive services for reputation management, brand evaluation and market intelligence.

The services are based on local and global media monitoring and data gathering to create value adding daily reports and analyses made by experienced professionals.

The combination of media monitoring, advanced technologies and efficient delivery options allow Meedius to offer you completely customized services.

You will always have your own dedicated expert or even a whole team of professionals at Meedius who listen to your needs and build the service specifically for you.


Meedius creates superior customer value with a human touch – providing insights of your company, your competitors and your customers worldwide!

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It takes a long time to build up a good reputation. However, if that good reputation is not properly managed, it can be lost over night.

We can help you to manage your reputation.

Your Brand is the most important asset you have. But it is not very tangible and thus sometimes you have challenges to manage it.

Do you know how your Brand is perceived?

You probably have a very good understanding of what is happening in your marketplace regarding you, your business sector and competitors.

But what if something slips from your radar?

Benefits For You

There are many benefits for you in working with Meedius International. Meedius, as an experienced professional, has integrated its services into one customer friendly, flexible and cost-efficient solution for you.

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Reputation Management
Brand Evaluation
Market Intelligence
One-Stop Shop

Meedius is a one-stop shop for all media monitoring & evaluation services.

International Scope

We provide you with insights on an international scope with local expertise – not forgetting your home market.

All Media Types

Publicity covered in and measured from all media types: newspapers, magazines, online media, social media, TV and radio. All is delivered directly to you in a compiled Daily Report.

Tailored Service

Our services are always tailored for you, and our experts work in close cooperation with your team.

Modern Tools

Modern tools to bring you cost-efficient and timely monitoring results.

Long Time Partners

Well-established and long lasting cooperation with local monitoring companies in close to 100 countries.

Proven Methodologies

Working with proven evaluation methodologies for comparability and consistency between all countries.

Executive Reports

Easy to read, customized Executive Reports with key findings by country, region, selected companies, business areas or other elements that relevant for you.

Human Touch

Long term media monitoring and media evaluation experience to provide a qualitative service with human touch.

Agile Management

Easy to work with agile and dedicated Project Management.