Only the ones with the right knowledge can navigate the market.



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We monitor all media types globally, so you can focus on the relevant.

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Reputation and Brand Analysis

To accurately evaluate your success, we measure your brand exposure and awareness across all markets.

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Market and Competitive Intelligence

Get up-to-date on the change in your business environment and the impact your competitors have on the market.

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Tailored Company Intelligence

Let’s discuss how we can create a comprehensive intelligence solution for your company’s needs.


Meedius – superior customer value with a human touch

In the era of knowledge-based economy and information overload, you need a partner who provides the relevant insights about your company, industry, competitors and your customers.

AI, machine learning, big data. We understand the buzzwords, that is after all what we do – follow and analyze existing and emerging trends, industry disruptors, conversations and potential risks for your business. We also use these market leading technologies in our processes to provide the best value for our customers.

At Meedius, we also understand that the machine is not yet perfect, but for the most accurate results you also need a human touch!

We combine technology with an experienced team of media monitoring, market intelligence and evaluation experts to become your all-round knowledge partner. With our global partner network, we empower global services with local views, translating big data into high-value strategic insights. This allows you to focus on what’s relevant, running your business successfully through informed decisions!

People tend to prefer to keep things the way they are, especially when they're ahead of the game or faced with a difficult business decision.

Our mission at Meedius is to maximize the role of insight driven leadership in organizations. Ignore the siren song of the status quo and let us help you navigate your business with data driven decision-making.


Martin Österberg
Global Head of Marketing Communication

Anastasia Sideri
Public Affairs and Communications Director, CSE
The Coca-Cola Company

Niko Palosuo
Head of global communications BU Polyurethanes
Bayer MaterialScience

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