It (the analysis) gave us a great overview from our selected markets Globally and for each country tools to further understand where opportunities and gaps were and how and which of those to address.

Martin Österberg
Global Head of Marketing Communication

Case Study: Suunto 7 (PDF)

We at Coca-Cola Central & Southeast Europe wanted to streamline our monitoring and Daily Executive Report service to serve the top managers in 10 different markets in a unified way. For that we looked for a partner with international experience, multi-country project management skills and flexibility – for that we found Meedius International! Please listen how we started working with Meedius and what benefits we get out of the cooperation.

Anastasia Sideri
Public Affairs and Communications Director, CSE
The Coca-Cola Company

I needed a multi-country media monitoring solution with specific needs across several languages. Meedius as a Nordic-Baltic based media monitoring company took this challenge and made a best suited Daily Reporting solution fitting our needs!

Niko Palosuo
Head of global communications BU Polyurethanes
Bayer MaterialScience

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